Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Succeeding in Your Diet

Have you ever started a diet or workout program and quit shortly after starting? This trend is common and is based on the fact that your expectations were not met within the time wanted.

Televisions and magazines try to sell the unrealistic idea that if you start a diet, or take a pill, you will look how you want, in a short amount of time. Our culture is obsessed with doing as much possible in a little time as possible. When you are hungry how many times have you gone to a fast food place? You know it is not healthy, yet you tell yourself that you don’t have time for a real meal. It’s no wonder we get discouraged when diets don’t work.

Every trial, whether conducted by government or by a private company, results are the same: eat right, move more, and taking supplements, equals a healthy lifestyle that will help you to lose unwanted weight.

When you start a diet don’t think of it as a diet, think of it as a lifestyle change. Don’t compare yourself to the people around you. Everyone is different. Pace yourself where you feel comfortable. Envision what you are working for. This will help keep your lifestyle changes going. Take it day-by-day. Set goals when you get up in the morning. After work, write down in a chart everything you did right, such as: “I took my supplements”, “I took the stairs instead”, or “I passed by the vending machine”. Before you know it, you will be on your way to a healthier you.

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